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Bernado In Foster
Tel: 600 845 420 Gender:Male
Breed:Pointer Cross
Age:12 years
Suitability:Not With Other Dogs
Rehoming type:Needs adoption
Date added:Tuesday 3rd Mar 2015
We received a call from a member of the public about a large dog running along a dried up canal, she had heard it crying for two or three days, before she first saw it and called us. It then took a three man team to climb into the canal and chase him the length of it until his way was blocked by a closed sluice gate, he was subsequently caught and taken into care.
The vet tells us that although he is slightly under weight he is not near to starving and should make a full recovery from his ordeal. He has now.
He is a chocolate brown, pointer cross, walks well on a lead and is happy around human she likes woman more then men, so obviously has been someones pet, he has not been castrated, appears clean (fleas & ticks) and in apparent good health, we have named him Bernardo.Our Granddad
Born 2002 ish .

Bernado ist unser Opa vom dienst, er mag Damen lieber, da er von einen mann misshandelt wurde, ihn fehlt ein halbes Ohr.
Er wurde im wasser kanal gefunden der gott sei dank trocken war, trotzdem brauchte es drei Maenner ihn da raus zu bekommen.
Bernado ist ein kurz haar pointer.
er ist nun 12/13 jahre alt nicht kastriert wegen seinen alter wollen wir ihn die op sparen.

Bernado In Foster Bernado In Foster

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