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Morris In Foster Care
Tel: 600 845 420 Gender:Male
Breed:Ginger Tom
Age:4 months
Suitability:For All
Rehoming type:Needs adoption
Date added:Wednesday 5th Aug 2015
Notes:Morris was bought into K9 in a terrible state, so weak he was unable to get out of the way of a car which threatened to run him down. Fortunately the person stopped and picked him up, met K9 at the vets and as they say the rest is history. Morris is very affectionate, loves cuddles but has seriously been abused possibly by people but definitely attacked by other cats. His muscles have been ingested he is that badly starved, so is only now able to walk a little , although he is beginning to take an interest in playing he finds any form of exercise exhausting. Morris is being fed every 2 hours , he has a serious eye injury for which he is receiving medication and has lost part of an ear, despite all this he is leukemia and aids free. Morris has a long way to go yet before he is ready for adoption but once homed he will make a really close and loving companion.
It has now been confirmed he has three gunshot pellets inside of him, he is blind and deaf on one side, Obviously a very special needs cat.
DOB March 201

Morris In Foster Care

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